Learn from Jin and his team of coaches inside our LCMS Traders Club.

Live Webinars, Forex Signals, Video Courses, Analysis, Q&A and much more.

Do you want to be hand-held through your learning journey?

Have someone hold you accountable for your trading results?

Imagine having Jin and his team of coaches...

Signal to you exactly when / where to enter a trade.

Signal to you exactly when / where to exit a trade.

Tell you how much stop-loss and target-profit per trade.

Explain to you why they enter the trade so that you can learn.

Help you, on a weekly basis, breakdown the market with their analysis and prepare you for the week ahead.

Share with you, on a daily basis, their Support & Resistance zones & watchlist.

Answer questions regarding signals, charts, and anything about FX.

Inform you of any market changes as soon as it happens.

Presenting the

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Accountability coach.


Shows you exactly which pair to trade, where to enter, exit, stop loss, and target profit

learn from signals

We show you why we enter the trade.


We show you where our Support and Resistance lines are

Daily watchlist

We recommend what to do for the pairs we are looking at.

Question & Answer

Ask any questions and we will answer.

Be informed of market changes

Get immediate updates on market happenings as it happen throughout the day

Weekly live call with jin

  • Get into the mind of Jin Dao as he simplifies what is happening in the market from the economic perspective.

  • Look at how Jin Dao and his team of coaches scan through their charts for trade ideas.

  • Know what is going to happen in the upcoming week. Support your trading with our analysis.

Why should you join?

Learn from the team that pumps out signals and averages +500 pips every month.

Join the LCMS Traders Club if you want to master the art of trading. To master trading, an expensive online course that is worth $4997 isn't going to be enough. You need to be continuously guided and mentored to be able to trade profitably and consistently.

LCMS Traders Club does just that for you. Interactive guidance with real professional traders (trading millions on a daily basis) as your coach and mentor.

We don't usually offer coaching to retail traders.

We charge US$10,000 and above for our corporate consultation and coaching.

For a limited time only (there is a limit for the number of members we want to accept), you just have to pay

US$49 monthly

or save 65% and pay

US$199 annually

(less than US$17 monthly)

Final chance! We will never offer LCMS Traders Club at this price again.

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