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Do you require that personal touch? Then trader's club is for you!
You will be supported online by Jin Dao and his coaches via weekly webinars, support groups, and monthly calls.


Yes, we will CALL you to make sure you are well on your way to a successful trading journey.

You will be learning from a team of real Forex traders that trades for a living. Not part-time, but real full-time traders that trades a 7-figure account on a daily basis.

Weekly live call with jin

  • Get into the mind of Jin Dao as he simplifies what is happening in the market from the economic perspective.

  • Look at how Jin Dao and his team of coaches scan through their charts for trade ideas.

  • Know what is going to happen in the upcoming week. Support your trading with our analysis.

Monthly coaching call

  • Get your own customized approach to trade the market.

  • Get on a call with Jin or one of his coaches and get all your questions answered.

  • Get your trades reviewed too.


  • Real-Time Forex trade signal alerts on any mobile phone.

  • High accuracy Forex Signals with over 70% hit rate over a series of 500+ signals.

  • Follow Forex Signals given out by REAL Forex Traders who actually trades the market.

  • Learn as you trade. Find out why we signal what we signal.

  • Ask your questions about our Signal using an exclusive Facebook Group.

Why should you join?

Learn from the team that pumps out signals and averages +500 pips every month.

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