So You Want to...

Make Extra Income? Trade Full Time?

Retire on Your Terms?

Trading the financial market is an age old profession and some of the most profitable in the world. I would know because even though I never really excelled in school, today I am the #1 Trading Coach. I continuously create traders worldwide and I speak at events worldwide. 


Now, are you next?


I don't care if you've never traded before, are unsuccessful in your own mind or have no idea where to even start, we will figure that out at the program. Even if you aren’t interested in trading but would like to improve your knowledge about the currency market, this is for you.


The reason I am doing this is because I know how much potential there is in each & every person. I am going to give you all my most successful trading strategies and to create the next top trader... and guess what?


It could be YOU!

Topics i will cover at this event

Topic #1: How to start trading, even if you don't know finance

Topic #2: How to set and achieve your goals daily

Topic #3: How to choose which currency pair to trade

Topic #4: How to trade despite your work schedule

Topic #5: How to start with a small capital and accumulate

Topic #6: How to enjoy what you do

Topic #7: How to be consistently profitable

Topic #8: How to simplify and understand that market

Topic #9: How to manage longer position trades

Topic #10: How to take advantage of opportunistic ideas

Topic #11: How to profit during volatile news movements

Topic #12: How to know when not to trade


Topic #13: How to trade independently

Topic #14: How to read the charts with or without indicators

Topic #15: How to decipher important news

Topic #16: How to create your own strategy

Topic #17: How to build an active / passive income

Topic #18: How to trade without emotions

Topic #19: How to make $10,000 a month as a trader

Topic #20: How to trade better than everyone else

Who is this event for?

**this is an event for action takers!

I will coach you to be a top trader

LCMS Traders event is different

1) full time trader & Trainer

2) Real trades & certified Accounts

3) Long Term track record of coaching successful students

What our students have to say

Jin and his coaches helped me to better understand my trading needs and the value in having my own trading style. This has helped me to trade more confidently and independently.


After getting 1 to 1 coaching from Jin last year, I have greatly expanded my market understanding and profitability beyond my expectations.

Lee Gim Hong, Singapore

Jin is a brilliant thinker, extremely sharp and drills his fingers into your ‘wounds’. He cares, he takes courage and you realize that he is really interested in making people trade successfully.


At the end of the program, you will see a better output, especially with Jin coaching pushing you out your comfort zone. Everyone NEEDS the hard push.

Roy Chan, Singapore

Change is not easy. But the right coach helps you avoid repeating the same mistakes and trading properly to your full potential. And that’s what Jin really did for me.

Wong Shi Jie, Singapore

The program got me on the right path, especially with Jin coaching me thorugh my trading journey. I believe this will create a huge impact on my life. Jin is a great trader and inspiring coach with the ability to simplify trading stratgies and get people to become profitable.

Robbie Landicho, Phillipines

70% Accuracy Trades Signalled

(May - JUly 2019)