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So You Want to...

Make Extra Income? Trade Full Time?

Retire on Your Terms?


Welcome to Forex Kickstarter

Trading the financial market is an age old profession and some of the most profitable in the world. I would know because even though I never really excelled in school, today I am the #1 Trading Coach. I continuously create traders worldwide and I speak at events worldwide. 


Now, are you next?


I don't care if you've never traded before, are unsuccessful in your own mind or have no idea where to even start, we will figure that out at the program. Even if you aren’t interested in trading but would like to improve your knowledge about the currency market, this program is for you.


The reason I am doing this two-day workshop is because I know how much potential there is in each & every person. I am going to give you all my most successful trading strategies and to create the next top trader... and guess what?


It could be YOU!

22 game-changing topics 

Topic #1: How to start trading, even if you don't know finance

Topic #2: How to set and achieve your goals daily

Topic #3: How to choose which currency pair to trade

Topic #4: How to trade despite your work schedule

Topic #5: How to start with a small capital and accumulate

Topic #6: How to enjoy what you do

Topic #7: How to be consistently profitable

Topic #8: How to simplify and understand that market

Topic #9: How to manage longer position trades

Topic #10: How to take advantage of opportunistic ideas

Topic #11: How to profit during volatile news movements

Topic #12: How to know when not to trade

Topic #13: How to trade independently

Topic #14: How to read the charts with or without indicators

Topic #15: How to decipher important news

Topic #16: How to create your own strategy

Topic #17: How to build an active / passive income

Topic #18: How to trade without emotions

Topic #19: How to get more trading capital

Topic #20: How to make $10,000 a month as a trader

Topic #21: How to become an authority in the market

Topic #22: How to trade better than everyone else

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Day 1: Saturday


Covering market principles & economic concepts you need to know and trading strategies to apply, so that you can succeed now.


- Understand the difference between how professional and non-professionals trade.

- Learn the basics of what is the Forex market and what really drives prices higher or lower.

- Identify which economic news to focus on (not all news will move prices predictably), and how to trade these news.

- Balance between the science and art of reading price charts.

- Use price data to predict future prices.

- Learn multiple timeframe trading strategies.

- Hands-on practicals to test and witness how the profitable strategies work.

- How to always enter a trade confidently and profitably

- Break down past misconceptions and behaviours on risk acceptance and reward seeking trades

Day 2: Sunday


Test, practice, apply and review of trading strategies.  That is the only way to build your confidence and to shortcut your trading journey.

Strategies are only half the picture, on the 2nd day, you will be guided on how to master your psychology in the 3 stages of a trade (entering, during and exiting).


Mastering of your trading psychology will be the key to propel your results to new heights.

- Identify trends in different time frames (Trend following strategies gives the highest probability and profitability trades).

- Determine support & resistance lines (Understanding the lowest and highest boundaries you should trade).

- Trade in various market conditions, giving you the ability to identify trades, regardless of how the market moves.

- Apply different strategies (position, intraday, scalp...) managing your capital, risk and profitability at the same time.



Level 3

SunTec Convention &

Exhibition centre

Date & Time

Wednesday, 3rd April 2019

7:30pm to 10:00pm

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