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In essence, LCMS Traders is a proprietary trading firm. Traders are the heart of the firm. We are professional money managers and we trade our own investment funds. Our company funds are entirely our own and we would like the chance to work with experienced and new traders who are looking for their start in the market.

Take this once in a lifetime opportunity to work with us and get a professional insight into the markets. We train each and every one of our own traders as we believe in our handcraft strategy that took years to build, test and perfect.

There is no easy road to make money or everyone would be rich. It takes hard work, dedication and patience. We can help you with this process only if you are willing to commit.



You will be interviewed by our Directors.

After which if you pass the interview, you will proceed directly for the first lesson of the training course. 



You will be trading on a demo account for the entire duration of the 10-week course.

Our mentors will help you and assess your trading abilities throughout the course.  



Once you have completed the 10-week course, there will be a 2 month evaluation.

In these 2 months, you will be expected to hit a certain range of profits before we will offer you the job.




You have been offered a job. Now, you will be trading as a professional trader. 

You will be managing a sizeable company fund and are expected to continue to make profits. 

Think you've got what it takes to become a trainee trader?

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