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LCMS Traders is an Academy and Proprietary Forex Trading firm run by a team of dedicated traders with over 20 years of combined experiences between them. We offer courses to train professional proprietary traders and we have a proven track record and decades of experience in forex trading.

At LCMS, We Will Guide You To

Trading Strategy That Works

Everyone is different and unique. Why be stuck with something that does not fit you? Our strategies are customised, based on your schedule and personality. Learn to trade the dynamic market with the flexibility you want.

Create Consistent Results

The cornerstone to any trading success is clear, defined and well managed risk. Learn how our risk management strategy can allow you to trade virtually risk free.

Financial Independence

It is possible to lead a lifestyle of trading for a living. Create the life that you want by freeing yourself financially with our proven trading methods.

LCMS Traders Academy was founded on the basis that we can guide ANYONE how to trade and be profitable in the currency markets.
We believe that to become a successful trader, guidance is crucial

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With one of the most powerful strategies we help
you to become consistently profitable with personalized training.

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Founder & Managing Director, LCMS Traders

Let’s Meet The Founder

As the founder and Managing Director of LCMS Traders, Jin has been doing Forex trading for more than 10 years and running his own propriety trading firm. Jin would constantly review and document his trades everyday in a disciplined manner, resulting him to generate returns in excess of 20% yearly.

He believes that anyone can be successful in trading if you know how to be disciplined and systematic in how you enter and exit your trades. This can be done by having mentors to assist you while you trade as students will be able to learn faster this way, which is why LCMS Traders focus a lot on their mentorship sessions.

See What Our Students Say

“This is one of the best investment I have ever made for myself.”

Through LCMS training, they have embedded each of us with strong fundamental analyst and technical knowledge to trade in the FX world.

Their principle guided methodology is really simple & easy to follow. Their robust trading methodology ensure traders follow a systemic approach that prevent our emotions from getting ahead of us.

Season traders are friendly and passionate. Most importantly they are willing to share. 1-on-1 mentoring sessions are conducted weekly to review each trades and how traders can improve.

Cayson Chua

For once, a trading workshop that does not sell pipe dreams or quick-rich schemes, but one with dedicated and passionate traders, coupled with sound trading methodologies.

What I especially like is how Jin and his team of people are patient and sincere in following up on our progresses/mistakes 1-to-1, never failing to impart market wisdoms and specific ways we can improve in our trades. Would recommend this place for aspiring new traders!

Gerald Chan

“I have been trading on and off for the past few years, however, always with mix results.”

Here in LCMS traders, they have undeservingly taught me their system and reinforce the forex fundamentals in me.

I have also found that their mentoring session very useful in helping me achieve confidence in my trading and the live sessions very useful in how to trade the news (or sometimes rather when and why not to trade the news).
Cheers LCMS Traders!

Daniel Chong

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